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About Us
"The Gospel Truth Magazine's" slogan is "Touching Hearts, Saving Souls".  This is a new, informative, inspirational, and revealing spiritual magazine published by The Gospel Truth Magazine Ministries, Incorporated.  Our message will be refreshingly positive and enlightening.  The articles and messages will be provided by real people on the battlefield fighting the storms in their lives, therefore there will be real testimonies on how the Lord brought them through.  GOD called us to touch hearts and save souls by helping individuals all over the world build a closer and more intimate relationship with the KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS...  JESUS CHRIST.

In this dawn of a new millennium, most of us are seeking assurances of salvation, strength for our daily struggle, and peace for our hearts, but we have been distracted by man's interpretations of giving one's life to CHRIST.  We want to simplify these issues with our ministry in print.

All God wants is our trust in him (Ps 62:8 Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him:  God is a refuge for us.) and the pathway to our heart clear...  There is an all out war between the flesh and the spirit, and in this struggle people are looking for a simple and clear approach to get closer to CHRIST.

The Gospel Truth Magazine Ministries, Inc.
(a not for profit organization)

In addition to the magazine, we will also be performing a community outreach ministry beginning in the Frederick, Md. community.  The programs will assist young and old alike in finding out that Christianity touches all aspects of our life.  Whether we are at work or play, whether we are at Church or home.  We will promote activities and training efforts that will promote Christian growth!  You are welcome and encouraged to join us.

This magazine's ministry is for everyone; those who know the WORD of GOD and those who want to know.


Thank You!
The Gospel Truth Magazine & Ministries, Inc.

Chairman & Founder
Bro. James Ingram

President & Co-Founder
Rev.  Larry Jones

Web master:
Larry D. Jones
Office Phone: 301-668-7620